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Memorial Day

So young Eighteen, nineteen, twenty - out We are here and have no worry Eighteen, nineteen, twenty - out They are there and fight for glory Eighteen, nineteen, twenty - out Heroes made from fresh young saplings Eighteen, nineteen, twenty - out What is this game all about Eighteen, nineteen, twenty - out What is life and love about Eighteen, nineteen, twenty - out Will I make it, have my doubt Eighteen, nineteen, twenty Out ! Siegfried Heger, January 27, 2007

A Hero’s Day They fought for country and for glory They fought for right and peace and war A hero does not have to worry What happens after we had war We hope to god that we are righteous We hope to god that we are right We hope that god helps kill our enemies We hope that god’s on our side The fleeting thing that’s our freedom The fleeting thing born from a pen The fleeting thing is an idea The fleeting thing we feed with men We talk of sacrifice and freedom We talk of love and hate and fear We talk of heroes sons and daughters We talk and talk and they’re not here We send the youngest and the best We send them into foreign land We do not know the circumstant’ We just send heroes and pretend The ones that send the heroes there Stay save and warm have no despair They count on us that we forget That fleeting thing’s alive not dead For if I do not fight just send For if I start and do not end For if i cut the freedom then New things will come from other pen And from the heart of braver men

Who we are as / is us... I am us and you is us and he is us and she is us Us four are us - That’s how it is here But he from there and she from there and they from there are not from here And not like us and we’re sincere Cause you and I and him and her, are not like them - is that not clear If one of them will once forget that he is not from here And thinks he could just be like us and be exactly like we’re here That does not fly …That cannot be Cause here is you and here is me and him and her And they’re not part of this - not here So just to be like you and me, They surely do not want to be This is alright like that and real significant to me and I and you and him and her That there is there and here is here And them is them and us is us Cause it was always so, that they’re from there And we’re from here that’s you and I and him and her All four of us that’s all so clear And if we were like them at all then we would be from there And they would be from here and we would be them and they would be us And that is the problem see all that fuss We would not know how sweet, sincere and patriotic it feels, just to be us How us would feel – how us is real So there’s no deal There cannot be what cannot be So let’s not start what cannot be Cause here is you and here is me This cannot be, what’s here is we So for you and I and him and her Of all the places everywhere, They should stay there So him and her and them and they They should just stay Why should I think I do live here and I’m not them not even near Let them be them, let him be him, but just not here - not our kin Cause they are them from there and we are US No fuss